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Ali Helnwein - Strange Creations (2012)

Ali Helnwein - Strange Creations (2012)


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100 copies produced - Spring Break Tapes (Los Angeles) - SBT004 (2012)

Ali Helnwein is a composer, conductor and founder of the Traction Avenue Chamber Orchestra in Los Angeles. He creates hauntingly beautiful music for film, television and also arranges for other musicians. Ali has worked on Grammy nominated albums, Oscar award winning films and received an Emmy in 2012.

"...Ali Helnwein's cassette for Spring Break Tapes is nothing short of magic. From the first confident dueling of piano and strings on 'Greed', the nimble but tremulous tones of 'Faking It', and hence onto the beautiful shambles of 'Whistling Past the Graveyard', Strange Creations sounds far more potent than 'strange'"
- Dwight Pavlovic, Decoder Magazine

"...this cassette is a lovely entry into Helnwein’s world."
- A Closer Listen

“Ali Helnwein is nothing short of the thunderous innovations not unlike a Johann Bach meets a Tom Waits – or a switchblade slice across a lovers lips. Romantic, tragic, and painfully beautiful.”
- Nikki Sixx (Motley Crue)

“…In this time of mediocrity and musical ignorance, Ali stands out from the crowd of his peers as one who has genuine talent, ability and understanding of music…”
- Mario Feninger (pianist/composer)

  • Image of Ali Helnwein - Strange Creations (2012)
  • Image of Ali Helnwein - Strange Creations (2012)
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